Monday, February 14, 2011

Trying to Rekindle a Work Ethic...

Between work, brower sluggishness (effin' Firefox- how does it work? Honestly, I love the search engine, but my laptop hates it- I've been uninstalling and reinstalling the damn thing on a serial basis). I have also fallen into the Wesnoth trap- for fans of fantasy and strategy gaming, this free download is more addictive than opiates. The gameplay is simple, yet sophisticated, the plots of the campaigns form an interesting narrative which clearly partakes of the traditions of fantasy literature while avoiding some of the more egregious cliches, and the game is beautiful... the unit icons are well animated, the maps are colorful and nicely detailed, and the illustrations of unit types are among the most beautiful fantasy illustrations I've ever seen. The art is classy too- no chainmail bikinis, or oiled steroidal types. I cannot say enough about the art- it's incredible (I am especially impressed by the renderings of that rarest of creatures in fantasy art, a fully clothed, accomplished, middle aged woman). I cannot recommend this game highly enough, though, being fun, it is a timekiller.

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