Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Shaddow Kingdom*

*The double "D" is intentional- a viewing of the video will reveal the reason for the unorthodox spelling.

After the usual job-related October ass-kicking, I finally have some leisure time to surf the 'net, and I came across this gem (I'm a sucker for cognitive junk food like the Shaver mystery, von Dänikenism, and the like) of a video:

A more cynical person would say that Ms. Thomas' ample display of cleavage is a crass attempt to garner views, but I am sure that she is just making us aware of her mammalian bona fides, as she warns us of the Reptilian Menace. It's amazing that the basic premise of the Reptilian Invasion conspiracy "theory" has been lifted whole-cloth from Robert E. Howard's The Shadow Kingdom. It boggles my mind to think that now, over eighty years later, the story still has legs.

I think REH had one detail slightly wrong... the one phrase that our hidden Reptilian overlords cannot say is actually "Que tatas aah mammamamma!"

My favorite line in the scrolling text of the video has got to be, "I am fully versed in physics, politics, earth history, and alien affairs." This particular line is the funniest bombast I've read since the infamous ""I am aware of all internet traditions." The title is also a winner- media blits? "Blits" must be a portmanteau word, combining "Blitz" and, oh, why even bother to spell it out?

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